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The Liturgical Seasons of the Church are the yearly cycle of Salvation history that are followed to draw all souls to the fullness in Christ. As a Secular Franciscan by entering more fully into the Universal Church’s liturgical life we celebrate the mysteries of our Faith with renewed spirit. The Franciscan Family also has their own traditions and customs that compliment the journey of their local parish and diocese. As Franciscans we strive to live devotedly and simply in practical ways the mystery of the Liturgical Life of the Church. As we learn to grow more closely to Christ and enter the full message of the Good News and the joy of Franciscan life. Here are just some to Franciscan expressions during the Liturgical Season to explore and maybe adopt in your own liturgical life.


“Of the manger Francis made on the day of the Lords birth. Francis´ highest intention, his chief desire, his uppermost purpose was to observe the holy Gospel in all things and through all things and, with perfect vigilance, with all zeal, with all the longing of his mind and all the fervor of his heart, “to follow the teaching and the footsteps of our lord Jesus Christ.” He would recall Christs word through persistent meditation and bring to mind his deeds through the most penetrating consideration. The humility of the incarnation and the charity of the passion occupied his memory particularly, to the extent that he wanted to think of hardly anything else. What he did on the birthday of our lord Jesus Christ near the little town called Greccio in the third year before his glorious death should especially be noted and recalled with reverent memory.

~Thomas Celano, “The First Life of St. Francis”

Franciscan Mission Service – Advent and Christmas Reflections


The Creche

St. Francis started the tradition when meditating on the humble birth of our Lord. As is his way he got everyone he could involved in this power beautiful way of remembering the miracle of the Incarnation. The Creche of the Birth of Jesus

If too hard, here is the full plan to print, cut out, and color for about $1.60

Everytime we see a creche we are reminded of our dear Holy Francis of Assisi who made the first one ever. Look for  and remember they are an example of the Franciscanized of the World incorporated within the mysteries of the Liturgical Season of the Universal Church.


Ordinary Time



The 7 Sorrows of Mary – Meditations to Enter the Mystery
Pray the Seven Sorrows of Mary (7 Delors)

The Servite Order was first influenced by Brothers of Penance (Name of the early Franciscans started by St. Francis) developing a relationship with some devoted laymen who felt called to serve Mary more fully. They developed a custom for meditating on the 7 Sorrows of Mary, here is how to pray the 7 Delors of Mary. These seven sorrows have become included in some observations of the Crown Rosary especially during the season of Lent.

The Way of the Cross


The Triduum





Ordinary Time

The Incarnation – The Franciscan Way



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For more general information about the Liturgical Seasons, check out the links through out this page that will send you to well presented information pertaining to the Roman Catholic Faith.  A very good place to start that exploration is to start with Scott P. Richert’s article “What are the Liturgical Seasons of the Catholic Church?”

The Liturgical Seasons

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