Franciscan Family

The Franciscan Charism

The Franciscan Family is made up of many branches that spring from 3 main branches; The 1st, 2nd and 3rd orders. Each of these branches represent all states of life in the church including ordained men and lay men and women, religious and secular. We all share in the Franciscan charism. We are all called to rebuild the Church, as Francis was called by Christ in San Domiano many years ago.

An Excerpt from Day by Day with Saint Francis” by Peter A. Giersch:

“The word Franciscan is not any man, not even Francis himself, it is the action of the Holy Spirit. While the virtues and attributes we call Franciscan go by many names — the spirit of St. Francis, the Franciscan Tradition, the Franciscan Way, etc, what we are referring to here is the action of the Holy Spirit inspiring virtue in the Christian faithful… Each religious order, whether it be Franciscan, Jesuit, Carmelite, Dominican, has been a channel for the Holy Spirit to reveal to the Church, particular way of living as a Christian. The unique virtues embodied in each order is referred to as their charism — a Greek word meaning “gift.” (Giersch, 5-6)

The Franciscan Charism is so big and so transforming that it has also inspired other people and organizations to embrace the “Franciscan Way” in their various ministries and service to others. Below you can explore many members of the Franciscan Family and co-workers of rebuilding the Church and Franciscanizing the whole world.

The Franciscan Family

Secular Franciscans / OFM Branches / OFM Cap Branches / OFM Conv Branches / Poor Clares / TOR Branches   /  SSF Branches (Anglican) / Franciscan Education / Publications/Others

OFS Branches

Order of Franciscan Secular (aka. Secular Franciscan Order)


OFM Branches

Order of Friars Minor(OFM) Main branch of OFMs


OFM Cap Branches

>Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (OFM Cap)


OFM Conv Branches

Order of Friars Minor Conventual


TOR Branches

Third Order Regular


POOR Clares Branch

Poor Clares


Society of St. Francis

(SSF) (Anglican Franciscans)


Franciscan Colleges and Universities

in USA


Franciscan High Schools in USA

USA only



Online and Print


Other Pages of Interest


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