Ministry Resources

Below are just some of the resources that are available online for helping you in your ministry as a Secular Franciscan. There are also some specific ministry area links for professed members to use as they see fit. If you have other links you think should be added here please share them at our next Fraternity meeting or send a contact request on this site for link to be reviewed.

All links will open in separate windows/tabs and will take you off Maximilian Kolbe Fraternity’s site. We are not responsible for information contained there. They have been screened to give reliable Catholic information and resources to help you in your various ministries.  

Great General Resources

The Holy See

United States Resources

Diocese of Cheyenne Resources

Diocese of Grand Island Resources

Catholic Gift Giving

Liturgical Ministry Resources 

Ministries of Justice & Caring

Pro-Life Resources

Youth & Young Adult Ministry Resources

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