Happy Feast Launch!!!

It is fitting that our first blog post would be posted for October 4th, the feast of our Father St. Francis of Assisi. In celebration of this day, our Fraternity has launch a new website. I guess this could also be considered a new apostolate. We are casting our nets out into the deep.

We will be sharing our journey of living an authentic life within the Secular Franciscan Order, going from Gospel to Life and Life to Gospel. This site is not just a landing page or 2 to introduce others to our fraternity or the secular order but is a working website. That means our members are encourage to use our site to connect with the greater Franciscan family and use the many resources found here. I will be working with other members to create regular blog posts as well. Right now the goal is 2 posts a month. But weekly ones are at least my final goal if it pleases Christ and Francis.

In honor of Francis our website is under on-going formation. Meaning still being built. We hope to have a prayer wall, pages on Franciscan Spirituality, section for Initial Formation, On-going Formation, History of our Fraternity, Photo album, etc.

We also hope to have a robust blog that grows as our fraternity grows. I hope to eventually launch a mini online course on Francis and Clare, YouTube channel, and more. As an educator with a professional certificate in e-learning instructional design and development it will be such a thrill to give it as a gift. The course is a demo really for a bigger project down the road. But I am digressing.

Our site is meant to be explored. You can navigate it by clicking along the navigation bar above. This site uses responsive design so it should look beautiful on any device that one uses from a computer to smartphone. If you look at the bottom of our site, our contact information is just an email found through Google+. We can be contacted at maximiliankolbeofs (at) gmail (dot) com.

Depending on the purpose of your contact all emails will be manually forwarded to the correct member of the fraternity. Example: if you find a link that is dead or not working, you could email us. Then the email would be forwarded to our web-servant, which is me. (We do not have web-masters in the Franciscans because non are masters. We serve each other as Christ does his Church.) For privacy means we will not publish private contact information online of our members but use a fraternity email for contact.

Eventually we will have a contact form that will be accessed in the main menu above. This contact form will automatically forward the email to the correct mailbox. Please be patient on timely responses because this apostolate is still in it’s infancy stages. Engaging us on Facebook may be the quickest way to get a response from someone in the fraternity.

We are also present on social media. Our fraternity has official on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Others might be added if a need is seen. We are just happy to finely answer the call of our Holy Mother Church to go out into the deep of the internet. I know on his feast, St. Francis must be smiling on another fraternity using a powerful medium to Franciscanize the world.  Our dark world needs more joy, unity and peace.

Pax et Bonum!

Oh! Please enjoy a little video in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. A New video just released a few hours ago from Catholic Online by Deacon Keith Fournier for the Feast. Their channel is really rich Catholic content.


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